BULLS.CO.NZ  - 2014

 Computeabull   (2003-2006)

Bulls , Wanganui, Marton, Feilding, Palmerston North, Auckland & Northland

PC  Repairs & upgrades ..  ..  on a fixed income, rate negotiable.

Remote Access Nationwide using current Best Practices. .. logmein costs required for business security.

Rural 3G/4G/LTE broadband fault repairs

Windows 8.1  64bit  upgrade  includes 2hrs tech install onfarm.....   $300nz incl DVD**

http://www.mbdds.co.nz  2014   miltonh@mbdds.co.nz          Ring    .       021 139 3924                  miltonh@mbdds.co.nz        miltonh@mbdds.co.nz   ..  dialup test

CBT Training module   --  CLICK HERE


**  Free travel within 10km of Bulls .... Travel mileage > 10km of Bulls.  75c km. --  

USER Data Backup done before the upgrade,  if not done by the user ...  $150.. includes an external hdd & a full  backup... 

We supply the external backup hard-drive and provide a backup of the new OS , for DR (disaster recovery)  purposes.




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