Computeabull   (2003-2006)  

i'm  backkk from the grave    for a wee while  hopefully   .....    March 25th  ,  2020

Bulls , Wanganui, Marton, Feilding, Palmerston North.

The Bull is Back, in the cloud..

F R E E   

ICT support  and advice for STUDENTS and the Elderly  

during the LockDown

you ring me  021 139 3924 Milton or email

if Spark or others fail to respond.


Cloud enabulled

Rural UFB, VDSL, 3G/4G/LTE broadband  

Ring    021 139 3924 ...   Milton Hartley    dialup test

Windows 10   &  Secure Linux web browsing  and   CYBER SECURITY  2020

I can provide  Technical advice   to  my fellow  elderly  and  students


Education IT support    for   Free   during the  Covid19   state of emergency

i taught Life Skills  and  Fight simulation  and much more

to American students  at Highden Manor  in 2004 - 2007

Rocketmen What a Blast  Anchors   Simulation



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