Small to Medium sized Businesses  throughout NZ.

We are a private IT organisation where Confidentiality is our First Priority.

We deal with many organisations who require confidential treatment of their IP (intellectual Property)

Can we help you   avoid the risk of Wicked Leaks ... 

Is your ICT being repaired  by  "un-known ?,un-reliable ?" service outlets?

We are contractible  corporate specialists. Business and private references available on request.


We specialise in Cost effective Computer System restoration, after a disaster or Virus infections.


SimSystems.co.nz   Elektronicsystemz.com  


Anti-theft - Traceable Hardware

  Our Business Systems  come  with 

Customised  Anti-theft  Software  and  Hardware  DNA  marking.

SELECTADNA ™ .. www.selectadna.co.nz





** managed online data storage greater than 1GB available
$0.05c per gigabyte per month
$10 / month 12 month contract. Manage a Secure backup onsite and a copy geographically offset
$16 / hr  **

Paper document Scanning and Backup integration. Access via the  MBDDS INTERNET CLOUD

** travel cost calculated using current tax rates., typically from 50c/km