Postal address : MBDDS , PO Box 33,  Bulls  4863,  New Zealand.


Business Computing, Communications and Electronics support




Home Projects

Virtual Reality. Flight Simulation. UMVs. Grid networks.

Recession is a Reality.

Its just another barrier, to progressive thinkers.

Get over it .

Move onwards and upwards with a purpose.

Milton Hartley 2009





UAV research.....   watch this space



Community Broadband opportunity.

1/2 your broadband costs and Increase your browsing speed.

Rural satellite surfing can be enhanced by leasing our Broadband server. $10 per month.

If you have 3 to 5 PCs, we can enhance these for surfing. $5 per PC per month


Do you have poor Cellphone coverage?  Repeaters available for less than $1000*

We can provide 2 way radio repeaters at a very reasonable cost.

30 - 100km coverage can be arranged for static locations.

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IT Consultancy

Disaster recovery planning

Upgrade recommendations

Internet Security

Small Business

Accounting support

Stocktakes. We can do the audit and stocktake

to ensure you get an accurate unbiased stock holding.

Account application business report extraction

and Financial reports and statements generated.

The Home Office and MBDDS

IT and Accounting support at  $48/hr

Flat rates can be negotiated for extended contracts.

MYOB, Pastel, Advance retail &

any other accounting or retail application you may be using.




800Mhz Trunk radio network. Carriers and mobile comms

Auckland , Bay Of Plenty, Napier, Manawatu

Motorola, Tait, Icom and other radio support.

GPS tracking on a private radio network

Private secure radio communications.


Rob Holland  06 3221758   027 4444 333

Milton Hartley  021 139 3924


Hainsworth Contracting Ltd


Rural property and roading development projects.

Business administration, Traffic management support.

Quotes and Tendering. Vehicle tracking & Wireless integration.


Computer Network HelpDesk  18/7

Help Desk as required,  7 days

Remote System administration. Website administration.

Real-time User assistance

On-site application training









* Cell site Coverage limitations may affect a Low cost solution , so we will investigate other options to overcome cellphone issues.

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