Importation  Projects
Helicopter Cyclic and Collective controls. Motorola XTL1500 - 800Mhz trunk radio Rotex building Hardware- Handles and hinges
Radio aviation intercom Motorola MTX 960 - 800Mhz portable 10mm Glass
Tenda 802.11n router Motorola Maxtrac 800 - 800Mhz mobile.  older model Early childhood Playground equipment.
Wireless point to point bridging routers. Globalsat TR151  GPS/GSM tracker cloud Adrien base fortnite
Full motion simulation platform GSM audio surveillance handset 19 9 21 14 days


MH-Group aims to develop Trustworthy international relationships with business partners, clients and suppliers.

We build Computer Servers , Network systems , Flight simulator suites and Automated surveillance systems.

We also work with property developers, Educative tourist ventures and provide business continuity support.

We are MH-Group.

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