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“Do you know who you are?
Do you know where you are from?
Do you move forward with kindness and assurance?
Do you sense the waters of your life or is their course unknown to you?”

These words, a translation from the Maori song “Ua Marama Kia Koe,” reflect the essence of StoneFire in New Zealand: The School Down Under.

The fires have been silent for a while

waiting for the faint glow of an ember

to summon forth the snap, the crackle and the Pop

of a  New  Stonefire in New Zealand  experience.


An international semester abroad, for young people ages 16-19.

It is an educational adventure and a transformational experience.

Enthusiastic instructors from diverse backgrounds

Participants from around the world come together to learn, to work, to make music, to grow food, to craft art, to climb mountains, to reflect and to learn about themselves and the mystery of life.

Academic courses can be taken on-line but are not essentially necessary.    One-on-one tutorials are the educational style of this institution.

Potential participants and parents would be those seeking

a break from the intensely populated  regions of the 1st World

a safe international experience,

a focused learning program,

a healthy community environment,

exhilarating outdoor activities,

Hunting and Fishing   or Not,

Visiting and living with New Zealand Maori families and their marae culture,

experiencing multi-cultural diversity,

opportunities for self-introspection,

and exposure to a global perspective designed to inspire service.

A desire to live an uncommon life and a willingness to make this world a better world is a bond we share and seek to cultivate.

All of this is offered in the exotic beauty of “Aotearoa”, Maori for “Land of the Long White Cloud” and is perfect preparation for any next step forward in life.


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