Some  pictures from my 25 years as an ATC Systems Group , Telecommunications technician. 

Also for the past 7 years ,  I've been operating an electronics R&D and IT support business.

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Early days


The Tech years 1.  75 to 00




The Middle Years




The Helicopter SIM




Our Latest incarnations.


The SIM Evo continues




P R O J E C T S  2008

PRODUCT Evaluations

establish links in Asia & US.  HAI  & milehighautomation
Helicopter Simulator production develop the business plan for the next 5, 10 years.
Wireless Backhaul Project develop backhaul options  for NRR and Ashcroft. Work with Next Telecommunications Ltd.
Wireless MESH network research   and  link with the backhaul project
Quality Internet service provision Improve the internet connection by using diversification techniques and black box technology.  Client base to be Business clients in developing rural areas. Migration to city suburbs once a template and foothold is established.

International opportunities to be investigated.  Meshing and Black box technology to increase the speed of  accessing commonly used  web-pages and reduce client-side Internet slowdowns.

GPS tracking Project Work with Next Telecommunications Ltd.  investigate

P R O J E C T S  2009
DA40 sim Full motion DA40 simulator  
GPS tracking Project hardware sourced Software sourced.
Retail processing   develop stocktaking automated filtering and reporting processor.  
Aviation comm system   V2 intercommunications  
Radio usage monitor   develop a basic billing/monitoring VOIP system

P R O J E C T S  2010
DA40 sim Full motion DA40 simulator
POS   development of a POS retail software. Customised to current business processes.
Factory automation   Automated  Data collection and reporting.  
SimSystems facility   investigate training facility location options