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training opportunities in ICT and Electronics

Interns available for PC diagnostic training


Low rates from $30 ,   3 hour scan & fix ..   **$10/hr




Low income families and Community service card holders .. $10 discount


Optimise and update the machine configuration, includes windows XP.

Kill viruses if possible up to a maximum of 3 hours.


note:  some virus infections can require a full reinstall and the client must

have the necessary backup disks and license codes.

Confidential repairs guaranteed. Business and private references available on request.

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Providing IcT services since 2000


CLOUD STORAGE  --  HOME backups  managed at very reasonable rates.


TRAINING in IT or Electronics.

- Basic Electronics and assembly techniques

- Basic Computer repairs

- Advanced network diagnostics

- Basic programming

- Basic Robotics

- Basic Computing for installation techs

- Basic Math for installation techs

- Simulation system support.