Computeabull   (2003-2006)


Milton  on  021 139 3924  


PC & Electronic Systems support.



Experienced in Secure environments.   References available.



Leased Camera Surveillance systems and

2 way Radio  Secure Trunking system.

Property monitoring.  Tamper proof ...  self Protection system


Intruders, Thieves, Vandals,  Taggers, Criminals in general

You define what response you want.


Remote monitoring using a Radio monitoring service.

Multi - camera locations

Bait stations  -   think about this one  :-)

Monthly fees based on a current threat assessment report.

eg: Leasing at $20* per month per point of presence. (per camera, bait station, radio node, PC, LCD VDU, internet connection.)

*+gst. Based on a 36 month lease. special conditions apply. Enquiries welcomed.



Portable mobile surveillance units.

1.  Hi-res cameras monitoring for intruders.

2. Video and Hi-Res stills transmitted to control room.


3. "Chemical signature" intruder tracking system  for later identification. (Animals or Human)


4.  Many more options can be discussed such as Broadband wireless, VOIP and Trunk radio communications.





footnote:  INVESTORS.


due to the many enquiries

we have been able to shortlist

a group of investors

who will support the project through till 2012

we hope to expand into other areas.


Thanks to all those who enquired.

Call back in 2012



   021 139 3924    Milton





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