Computeabull   (2003-2006)

Milton  on  021 139 3924


PC & Electronic Systems support & Flight simulation R&D

We  provide ICT and Electronics support in the Manawatu Wanganui region.

(DR- Disaster recovery is our specialty.)

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Microsoft Home user protection

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Remote PC monitoring portal

teamviewer logmein vnc rdp

secure connections only                           tracking activation initiated



800Mhz Trunk radio network, Auckland - Manawatu.

Motorola, Tait, Icom and other radio system support.

Tracking systems & Private business communications.

063221758   Owner - Rob Holland,   021 139 3924 Milton

027 4444 333                                                                       




Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net


Managed Business Digital Data Solutions

Electronic Hardware & Software  We build and repair Computers ,Flight simulators and other Control systems.

We PROVIDE support for all Office & SMB Account packages.

Projects: 2010

House electricity monitor. PC based . Internet opt.

Video tape Library. Digitise and backup.

MS SBS upgrade.

Custom POS software

Radio channel recording software, for usage mon.

Automatic Database  maintenance and Alerts.

7  Business activity reports. eod, eow and eom.

8  GPS mapping , location finding.


12 Universal Battery charger.

     CHARGES ALKALINE CELLS - extends life 3 fold

13 Universal Pre-amplifier INTERCOM unit as used for Flight

     simulation and Internet communications.

14 Scanner Data-slicer for decoding radio data transmissions.

15 Radio interface box.

16 FLIR system evaluation and reverse engineer.

17 Maritime tracker design and develop widearea coverage capability.  Radio linking hf - vhf.

Project Developments.


Theft detection devices.

CUSTOM built devices


for FARM and business

remote monitoring.




Tri-modal MOTION Sensors


PC network & internet recording options.




HAI home automation

Electrical & Electronic

email : sales@mbdds.co.nz

021 139 3924


Data capture, recovery & analysis.

prior, during and post business Audits, Stocktakes or insurance driven, Fire recovery operations.


Patrick Doyle.

for Stylish Irish accommodation

McDonalds, Harvey World, Tullaghan

IT Support, Quote graphic and CAD support. CHUBB Security camera integration, Web design and support









Great Barrier Island.

A Great retreat

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Other Tourist adventures will be integrated as things progress.


BEACHFRONT at Tryphena





All your accounting needs in one place.

MYOB, Pastel, Advance retail &

any other accounting application

you may be using.


WestPac rescue helicopter

Helicopter Flight simulation corporate bookings. Auckland.

Flight simulation.


Massey Aviation

Pilot training , Aviation degrees.

Flight simulation.


Educational and research for Students and

like minded adults./

Equine Industry

Training and support organisation

Contact details. Career paths


IT Support, 24/7 Support Nationwide. Wireless integration.

NZ experiential Tours


IT Support  rocketry

WEB design, Graphics and Administrative support.

Education support - Touch rugby, Flight simulation, Astronomy, Rocket science and Computer systems.


IT support  2003-2008

Kelvin Nairn (2005- centralhousemovers)

for all your Building and Project management questions.

IT Support, STOCKTAKE and Database administration. Wireless Integration

Guthrie Bowron paint and paper

Palmerston North


Hainsworth Contracting Ltd

for all your Land and roading development projects.

IT Support, Quote graphic and CAD support. Wireless integration.

Tracking system support.









I provide IT support for several organisations Enquire and i can give you their contact number

to request my references.

Pritchards Windows and Kitchens

Quote Database tracking system design

Stock Database administration/design

It support



Sutton Real-estate Bulls

Sutton Real-estate Marton

IT Support



Highdenmanor, Awahuri

SDU 2003-2006, Wedding receptions.

Conferences, concerts.

Bulls Automotive

Dairy Bull

for Friendly service & small goods when you need it.

Hungry Bull

Yummy Chinese takeaways







New Zealand online newspapers  ....  Worldwide online newspapers


Gareth Morgan --- gmi online


Great Literature online      Classical Web streams


SEARCH engines ---    BING         Colossus - the world of search engines 


classical musico Chile

Arachnid (Araneomorphae )  --  scared of spiders. check this out

Air New Zealand bookings

World metric converter





WORLD telephone directories     Phonebookoftheworld


Cellphone Radiation REPORT - what your risk is your cellphone.


http://www.ipchicken.com   http://www.ipchecking.com/















Spyware & Rootkit defence  -  sysclean  av def  spyware def


http://pc-diagnostics.software.informer.com  //


on my Education "todo check list"


http://www.tekmom.com/search/   http://www.science.gov/   http://www.searchengineguide.com/pages/Science/

http://search.usgs.gov/  http://www.scirus.com/  http://www.sciseek.com/


Inspirational website - http://www.ted.com/    http://www.lynda.com/   audio_heidi_robbins




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site sysint mbdds

http://network-tools.com/   online ping







a thought for the day

Albert Kwok Says:

One mistake investors made when voting in favour of Hanover’s re-structuring plan is that they did not include one clause into it, that is:

Eric Watson & Mark Hotchin to put back the $200M (if I got the figure correct) they have taken as dividend over the last 2 years. Directors and managers should be remunerated if they perform well for their shareholders and investors, however, given the situation of Hanover, have they managed it well? Steve Job, for example, took only a $1 pay due to Apple’s poor performance.

If one is so sincere in “helping” or “concerned” about their investors, don’t you think they would have put back the monies they have taken undeservely? Even if the two of them have put back the $200M, they will still have many millions behind them, and they would have paid back investors 40% of their capital already. Think about it.

To put it in another way, if investors had given me just $50M (10% of Hanover’s funds) and I pay them back the principal without interest in a year’s time, I would have made $1.8M nett after tax.



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