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Draw a line    -- Rng / Bearing

Draw a circle --  display rng  





enter lat long to centre  or  

click on a point & display lat/long




GPS Visualizer Freehand Drawing Utility Draw on a map


Calculate distance and bearing between two LatitudeLongitude points with Map

http://www.getlatlon.com/  Find lat long of a point , named location  
http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html   get lat long  --  SHOW  lat long GPS VISUALIZER GREAT CIRCLE     Calculator
 http://explorer.arcgis.com/     Online Google Map editor  NZ Map Grid (NZMG)  Topos   &   Orthophotos
http://maps.google.co.nz/maps?ct=reset   lat long   Get directions  Street View Using Google Flight Simulator - Google Earth User Guide
http://gzzt.org/ FULLSCREEN map.html         http://www.fullscreensearch.com/    GPS download and Draw a map from a GPS data file
MAP ON THIS PAGE   1024 x 600  ----    Terrain, Hybrid  
Ruler   add a rng line NB:    google context menu    Right Click......    drop   lat-long  marker addon






GPS menu

draw line circle on map  


enter lat long 

& map zooms to location


Another map



Best dms-dec converter








GoogleMap click point get lat/long


iTouch lat/long opens /shows L/L


Lat - Long  enter location name




















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